Goat escapes from city-owned herd, wanders town for four days

A goat employed by an Iowa city to clear invasive plant species escaped from the rest of the herd and went wandering for four days.

Richard Brown, director of Clive Leisure Services, said a goat named Steve escaped last week while his herd was being transferred to its winter enclosure.

Clive City Hall owns the herd of 15 goats, which are used to clear invasive plant species from the Clive Greenbelt.

Brown said officials believe Steve was spooked by a dog while being loaded into the enclosure and ran off.

“We had a tough time locating him for a few days,” Brown told KCCI-TV.

Steve was spotted wandering all around the city for the next four days, covering a distance of several miles.

Several residents reported spotting Steve in various locations, but they were unable to capture him.

Brown said Steve was finally returned to the herd after four and one-half days on the loose.

“He was very sneaky and roaming a lot of territory, but we’re happy that we got him back and he’s safe,” Brown said.